Luxury vinyl (LVF) suits every family size, whether large and active or small and quiet. That is because of the high style and countless functional benefits.

It would not be easy to find something that offers so much value for the decorating dollar.

Durability: Withstanding kids, pets, and heavy foot traffic

Luxury vinyl plank and its other form, cut into square tile-sized pieces, come with a robust, transparent layer that protects the floor. All concerns about scratches, scuffs, and dents are eliminated.

Wear layers also help with the waterproofing. They keep spills from absorbing, so they wait to be wiped off.

It's waterproof, whether submerged or spilled on. This, combined with its high design, makes it ideal for all rooms.

Always in vogue

Whether you select luxury vinyl tile or plank, you can be assured of a vibrant image where knots, grains, and veining variations are on full display. Since it follows all the trends, you can get everything from blazing red Brazilian cherry wood looks to marble and other stone mimics.

Ceramic tile styles range from colorful geometrics to encaustic-style looks and more. The material comes with assorted colors, textures, finishes, micro beveling, and embossing.

It also transforms your life

After all, who has the time or desire to scrub floors? LVP and LVT only need regular sweeping and periodic mopping.

Avoid waxy, shine-promoting cleaners as they damage the finish and dull the floor. Instead, check manufacturer instructions for best product usage.

Fast, Easy, Inexpensive Installation

This vinyl can be glued or installed as a floating floor.

A flooring industry leader in Oklahoma

The expert staff at Wood Floor Store will get your creative juices flowing. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with luxury vinyl flooring.

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