Luxury vinyl tile and plank are excellent choices that allow you to create a personalized appearance that will match your existing décor with ease. If it's a marble look you prefer, you should know that you can make this look, and many like it, so read along with today's post to find out more.

Marble looks are here in luxury vinyl plank and tile

The marble look is just one of many appearance options you can choose in luxury vinyl plank and tile. Thanks to the 3D laser printing capability used to create the image layer in these materials, you’ll see stunningly realistic colors, textures, and designs that replicate a wide variety of marble stones.

Since natural marble is available in various colors and patterns, that's what you can expect when you see the marble look in luxury vinyl products as well. The authenticity is meant to take on a high-end look while still giving you the ease of installation, cleaning, and maintenance that luxury vinyl is known for.

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